Aussie mum's sex allegations put Prince Andrew in hot water

Aussie mum's sex allegations put Prince Andrew in hot water - An Australian mother of three, linked to convicted billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, has revealed herself as the woman at the centre of an international under-age sex allegations.

Virginia Roberts, 27, now lives in Australia and has also claimed she met Prince Andrew, Duke of York, three times while working as a personal masseuse of his friend Epstein.

The Daily Mail reports these claims have put Andrew’s suitability as an ambassador for UK’s foreign trade in serious doubt.

The newspaper has also published a picture of the Duke with his arm around the bare midriff of Roberts in what has been described as their first meeting.

Roberts was reportedly hired to work as an ‘erotic masseuse’ and perform sexual favours for Epstein and his billionaire friends.

She was employed as a 15-year-old by Epstein and she was 17 and above when she met the prince.

There is no suggestion of any sexual relations between the pair, The Daily Mail reports.

However, in a civil writ she has filed against Epstein, Roberts alleges being "sexually exploited by Epstein's adult male peers including royalty", the paper reports.

Andrew remains close to Epstein, 58, and has stayed at his New York mansion as recently as December.

Epstein has been at the centre of many a scandals including admitting to child sex crimes in 2008 and being placed on the US sex offender register.

Roberts, who now has two sons and a daughter, reportedly left Epstein when he "wanted her to have his child and sign a contract relinquishing her rights to the youngster".

She went to Thailand and met an Australian who subsequently she married, the paper reports. ( )

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